Sunday, February 6, 2011

Travel to my grandparents' homeland

This summer I will be the guest of the American Embassy in the Slovak Republic. They have recognized the memoir I wrote of my mother's childhood, Goodbye America. I will be touring the country in hopes of connecting with my ancestors' history. My mother's village, Pohorela, will be the ultimate goal of my journey. It has been a little less than a century ago when Anna left her beloved America, and settled in Pohorela following the death of her father. She finally rejoined and reunited with her family in America more than five years later. Her story has been a beacon of strength, love, and  hope in our family for three generations. We rejoice that through her memoir, she continues to touch many lives in America, and now will be touching the lives of Slovak youngsters who will learn about the "other side" of the American immigrant success story.

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